Rose China of origin

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 Rose (scientific name: Rosa rugosa Thunb.): China of origin. It belongs to Rosa, a deciduous shrub of Rosaceae, with many needled branches and stems, odd pinnate compound leaves, 5-9 leaflets, oval shape, and side thorns. Petals are obovate, double to semidouble, flowers are purplish red and white, fruiting from August to September, oblate. The branches are soft, drooping and spiny, and only once a year, so they are seldom used in breeding. Recently, the main characteristics of the branches are disease resistance and cold tolerance.

Tulip is a perennial herb of tulip genus in Liliaceae, with bulbs. The English name is "garden tulip" or "Didier's tulip". Tulip is widely considered to be originated in Turkey and is the national flower of Turkey, Holland, Hungary and other countries.
There are 3-5 leaves, strip lanceolate to egg lanceolate, single terminal flowers, large and gorgeous, perianth red or mixed with white and yellow, sometimes white or yellow, 5-7cm long and 2-4cm wide, 6 stamens of the same length, hairless filaments.